TangoSommer Dresden 2016
TangoFeuerwerk Dresden

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Chacarera, Show


Mariano Otero &
Alejandra Heredia

Mariano Otero y Alejandra Heredia Dancers, Teachers and Choreographers of Argentine tango and folklore. Based in Madrid, are characterized by the expressiveness and power of dance, have worked in Spain and abroad with major orchestras and in companies composed of internationally renowned dancers (Claudio Gonzalez and Melina Brufman, Omar Barboza Vidala Caceres and others ). Entertainment; Duas Beiras, Cabaret Tango and Dunas de Baires Today they are called to work at European festivals where he teaches and exhibits conducted (International Festival of Wuppertal, TangoMatrix Festival, Leipzig, Catania, Oldenburg, Aix en Provence, Monprimblanc, Rovinj, Innsbruck, Vilnius Tango Fiesta).  
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Seminario, Workshops,


Michelle Marsidi &
Joachim Dietiker

With their flowing, sensual and graceful style, Joachim and Michelle harmoniously combine the traditional essence of tango with dynamic elements of contemporary tango. In their teaching they strive to create a sensitive, vibrant and unique connection in the couple and with the music. With useful exercises and imagery, precise technical explanations and body mechanics, and an open flow of energy and ideas, they aim to find freedom and pleasure in movement and expression.

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Photo: Ishka Michocka

Seminario, Workshops
Práctica & Show


Patricia Hilliges &
Matteo Panero

Based in Italy, Matteo & Patricia represent the growing standards of excellence in European Tango.
They enrich their elegant Tango Salon style with innovative elements, full of fantasy and musicality.
For them, tango is a culture that speaks to an internal human need, they share this culture in an atmosphere of friendship and warmth created through their good humour and charisma.
They worked in several important international Tango Festivals in Italy and abroad.

Patricia Hilliges & Matteo Panero

Práctica & DJing


Michael Lavocah

Michael Lavocah wrote three books about Tango Music:
(1)Tango Stories - Musical Secrets (in 4 languages english, german, french and spanish)
(2) Tango Masters vol.1: Aníbal Troilo
(3) Tango Masters vol. 2: Osvaldo Pugliese

In addition to his work as an author, he is enthusiastic with lectures, workshops and as a DJ.

Foto: Annegret Stanke

Concert & Tango Ball


Solo Tango Orquesta

Solo Tango Orquesta – the first Russian tango orchestra which has acquired recognition all over the world. Solo Tango Orquesta – the prize-winner of various international competitions: XXXV Castelfidardo Festival Internazionale della fisarmonica (Italy) under the category «Piazzolla`s Music», XXXXVIII Klingenthal International Competition (Germany), the first award winner of the «Libertango» Competition (Russia, Barnaul), as well as the special prize winner of the P.I. Tchaikowsky International Charity Foundation (Moscow).

Read more: Solo Tango Orquesta     A short video: here
Photo: Ishka Michocka

Opening Concert


Andreas Küttner

After studying classical singing and excursions into numerous genres, Andreas Küttner has found his home in Tango music. In the melancholy and drama of the tango, his warm and prominent voice reveals its full expression. In addition to performing with his ensemble ¡SIN DUDA! he has experience with other tango orchestras. As well as this, he has worked as a tango teacher in Leipzig and Germany.

Foto: Ishka Michocka

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